Our Story

      For years I had thoughts of opening a unique clothing store.  The Old Bank Building became available and I knew it was time to move forward. My vision was to open a locally owned shop that would offer stylish clothing and accessories. I presented the idea to my husband, Wayne.  With his vision and hard work we created a business plan and here we are today "Dalton's Crossing". 

     We dedicate this wonderful opportunity to Wayne's Mother, Mary Lou Ray, who passed away in 2011.  She believed in hard work and she would be proud of what we have put together at Dalton's Crossing.

     We are located in the historic section of downtown King, NC in The Old Bank Building which was chartered in 1914. We strive to maintain the character of the building while adding diverse features to create an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. 

     Our customers are the most important part of our business. We want everyone who walks through our door to feel welcome and appreciated. Thanks to our customers and the community for all the support they have given to help make Dalton's Crossing a success!  


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