Premier and Designer Lines

   Our Premier lines are for the modern woman who believes the garments she wears expresses her true self, regardless of her size or shape.

   DTK is designed and created by Jane Mohr, who believes clothing should reflect a woman's unique style and individuality. The Dress To Kill woman is bold and confident. Jane's creations are made from limited quantities of beautiful imported novelty fabrics; the beauty of the collection is that it looks great on all body types!


   Grizas offers eco friendly garments that emphasize personal style and authentic beauty while also providing supreme comfort and self-confidence.

   Ozai N KU combines elements that seem incompatible, offering a vast range of easy going designer's clothes.


Dress To Kill 

Sheer Pullover

   Just Jill Dress   

Dress To Kill 

L/S Ruched Dress

w/ Pockets 

Ozai N Ku  

Polka Dot Jacket

Dress To Kill 

Striped Dress

G9C Shrug


Print Dress

Grizas Dress

Dress To Kill  Sheer Pullover  (Sold)

Dress To Kill  Button Up Blouse 

Grizas   Tunic Top w/ Front Pkt

Dress To Kill  Wide Leg Pant  

Dress To Kill  Vest   SOLD

Just Jill  Skirt

Grizas  Jacket/Dress

Ozai N Ku   Olive/Black Jacket

Ozai N Ku Polka Dot Jacket

Margaret Winters Pullover Sweater

Dress To Kill  Wide Leg Pant

Margaret Winters  Button Up Sweater

Grizas  Jacket/Dress

Dress To Kill  Burgundy Vest  (Sold)

Dress To Kill  Ruched Skirt

Liv 3/4 Sleeve Black Top

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